Thursday, April 2, 2009

James J. Williams III, Bio



Portrait of James J. Williams III taken by Ellen Frances

Born 1981 Brooklyn, NY


2003 School of Visual Arts, BFA Photography, New York


2009 I Love Everything, envoy, New York
2009 This is Mine and Mine Alone, Cleopatra’s, Brooklyn, NY
2008 This is a Pastime...Notice of the Morning Papers, with envoy, Pulse Art Fair, New York
2008 TAATTII/ And Our Scars Will Shine So Bright, envoy at Griesmar-Tamer, Paris, France
2006 Bookies, Wives and Drunks, Year 06, Mary Ward House, London, UK
2006 By Request, My Epitaph, envoy, New York
2003 New Works on Everything, 586 Dean Street, Brooklyn
2003 Twilight Hill-Hopping and Incidents at Gate 11, Visual Arts Gallery, New York
2003 I Am the Wunderkind, School of Visual Arts, New York


2009 Hors D’Meurs 2, for KAISERIN, exile, Berlin
2008 The Canteen Reading Room, with Alex Rose, envoy and Canteen, Pulse Fair, Miami
2008 Wet Space Blanket, with Ellen Frances, Home Sweet Home
2007 Crooked Mirror, envoy, New York, NY
2007 With Teeth, curated by Ryan Schneider, Priska C. Juska, New York
2007 Vernissage, AdNauseam Lyceum, New York
2006 Never Mind The Bollocks: Here’s Amanda Lear, envoy, New York
2004 Yearning for Yours, Visual Arts Gallery, New York
2003 Inside/Out, Paul Morris Gallery, New York


2008 James J. Williams III Historical Society Object Archive and Excavation Program
2008 Excerpts from I was gonna change the world, Guerrila Lit Fiction, Bar on A
2007 Introduction/A Cloak For any Occasion, CSV Cultural Center, New York, NY
2007 But Baby, There is No one to Fight, Slick, Paris
2006 I Know You’ve Had It in the Ear Before, ShowOff, Paris
2006 Sweet Fancy Moses Literary Death Match, in support of Shya Scanlon,
excerpts from In This Alone Impulse Back Room, New York
2006 None of These Romantic Engagements I’ve Come to Regret, Opium Magazine
Reading Series, Happy Ending, New York
2005 Platonic Love and Love Love Letters, Opium Magazine Reading Series, Happy Ending, NY


2007 Comic Thieves, Radar Magazine
2007 Untitled Feature Inc. Magazine, curated by Hudson
2006, with Shya Scanlon, excerpts from "This Alone Impulse"
2006 .print 1, Opium Magazine
2005 .print 2, Opium Magazine


2008 Cirauqui, Manue, Lapiz Magazine
2008 Cirauqui, Manuel, Double Magazine
2007 Cirauqui, Manuel, Lapiz Magazine
2006 Gattitoni, Christian, , Collectionneur en attendant Narcisse
2006 Smith, Roberta, New York Times Arts Listings Don't Miss, 8.22.06-9.5.06
2006 Smith, Roberta, New York Times Arts, 8.11.06
2006 Cotter, Holland, NY Times Arts Listings, "Never Mind the Bullocks: Here's Amanda Lear"
2006 Procott, Dunston,, "An Interview with James J. Williams III"


2009 Provender, with Todd Zuniga and Ben Mainwaring, launch Fall 2009, New York
2009 All You Pretty Things, Thorstein Foundation, upcoming Summer 2009
2009 Canteen Reading Room #2, The Armory Show, New York
2008 The Canteen Reading Room, with Alex Rose, envoy and Canteen, Pulse Fair, Miami
2008 Exit, with Damian Totman, launch for Exit Creative Company, CSV Cultural Center, NY
2008 Happy Sonday's, with envoy, Home Sweet Home, ongoing weekly event
2008 Lewis Cho Spring/Summer 2009, collection launch and short film, New York
2008 Goodbye 20th Century, Sonic Youth book launch and anniversary, White Columns, NY
2007 Photoshelter Launches the Collection, New York
2007 INTRODUCTION, A Cloak for Any Occasion, CSV Cultural Center Dec. 2007 for envoy
2007 Through the Lies of Your Dark, Dark Eyes, co-curated with Manuel Ciraucqi, envoy
2006 Carver Stone's One Night Stand, one-time multimedia Soul event
2005 Hold my Skateboard While I Kiss Your Girlfriend, Museum of TV and Radio for JWT,
2005 Clinique Retropsective, in house for JWT
2005-present Opium Magazine, Director of Weird Artistic Projects, Secretary, Board of Directors
2005 Tell.Me Show.Me, Monthly salon presented with Jennifer Leigh Aschoff, Brooklyn
2004 Yearning for Yours, group exhibition in faux-nostalgia featuring Justine Kurland, Rosson Crow, Nadine Rovner, Pratima Naithani, Christopher Mealie, Rod Morata, Susanna Vapnek, Sandra Savic, and Jessica Layton. Visual Arts Gallery, New York
2004 Treyf, drawings and new works by Fawn Krieger, 586 Dean, Brooklyn